APCO’s Patented Cellular Blocks are innovatively designed pre-cast blocks with cavities which facilitate the easy, neat and precise conduiting work for electrical wires, water and soil pipes for plumbing, telephone wires and television cables, ensuring concealed workmanship and maintaining the smooth surface of the wall.


  • High compressive strength
  • Superior Thermal insulation properties
  • Superior sound insulation properties
  • Reduction of upto 40% in the dead load

Benefits of the Cellular Blocks:

1. Improved Insulation:
Cellular blocks have an inner core of air, which makes them excellent insulators. This can result in lower energy costs for heating and cooling

2. Soundproofing:
The inner core of air in cellular blocks helps to reduce the transfer of sound, making them ideal for use in buildings where soundproofing is important.

3. Lightweight:
Cellular blocks are lighter than solid concrete blocks, making them easier to handle during construction.

4. Fire Resistance:
Cellular blocks are treated with fire retardant chemicals, which can improve their fire resistance.

5. Cost-effective:
Cellular blocks offer a cost-effective alternative to solid concrete blocks, as they use less concrete and can result in lower transportation costs due to their lighter weight.

6. Eco-friendly:
Cellular blocks are made from natural materials, and the production process results in fewer carbon emissions compared to solid concrete blocks.

7. Versatile:
Cellular blocks can be used for a variety of construction projects, including walls, partitions, and flooring.

8. Durable:
Cellular blocks are made from high-quality materials and are designed to be durable, with a long lifespan.

9. High Compressive Strength:
APCO's Cellular blocks are manufactured to meet specific quality standards, ensuring they possess high compressive strength, making them structurally stable and capable of supporting heavy loads.

10.Availability of Half Blocks:
The usage of Our half blocks help in reducing the damages on site.

Product Range:

Dimensions (L*W*H) Grade C – 50Kgs C S in Kgs/Cm2 Grade E – 35Kgs C S in Kgs/Cm2 Size Availability
40*20*20 50 35 -
40*20*15 50 35 35
40*20*10 50 Half -
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Ease of chasing and plumbing work on the cellular block